Saint germain

Step into the charming neighborhood of Saint Germain and discover its rich history, vibrant culture, and hidden treasures. Experience the allure of this Parisian gem and indulge in the art, cafes, and boutiques that make it truly unique.
Saint Germain in the violet transmuting flame Chakras, Goddesses, God, Knights Templar, Saints, Saint Germain, Ascended Masters, Aquarian, Chakra

Saint Germain is an ascended master and the sponsor of the Aquarian Age. As you may know, an ascended master is someone who has balanced their karma, accomplished their unique mission, graduated from earth’s schoolroom and ascended to God. The ascended masters can be thought of as our elder brothers and sisters on the path. If there is one phrase which best characterizes Saint Germain, it might be: He lived to make men free. #saintgermain #stgermain #violetflame

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