Saltwater flies

Enhance your saltwater fishing experience with the best saltwater flies. Discover top fly patterns and techniques to catch more fish in saltwater.
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From the Ten Year Anniversary Issue of Tail Fly Fishing Magazine: Ten Flies We should always have. by Joseph Ballarini Tail Fly Fishing Magazine’s ten-year anniversary calls for something more extensive than a tutorial or pictures of destination boxes. So I’ve made a list of ten flies for ten years, and these selections should always

Allan Mitchell
Tying a belly weighted Shrimp - Saltwater version - FlyTyingNation Ideas, Hooks, Saltwater Flies, Fly Fishing Rods, Bottom Fishing, Fly Fishing Flies Pattern, Carp Fishing Rigs, Fishing Rod, Saltwater

This is a shrimp pattern created with a more realistic Shrimp look, with hook point up, and weighted at the belly that enable for both mid water and bottom fishing, targeting Bonefish, Trigger and also Permit… I”m sure any species that feed on shrimps will be on the list. The challenge of this pattern is […]