Scandinavian embroidery

Explore a collection of stunning Scandinavian embroidery designs that will ignite your creativity. Discover the art of Nordic needlework and find inspiration for your next embroidery project.
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If I could categorize embroidery books into types, I’d probably divide them up like this: Embroidery techniques, embroidery projects, embroidery history (and culture), old embroidery books, embroidery patterns… I’m sure if we all put our heads together, we could come up with a few more general categories that hand embroidery books usually fall into, but ...

Наталья Миндолина
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A distinguished addition to our series on European Needlework Swedish Embroidery Seven beautiful designs imported from Sweden where, for centuries, women have proudly stitched their love of flowers on line pillows "Tulips bloom on a background of heavy natural linen from Sweden. They are worked of simple stitches in specially dyed Swedish cotton thread." "Summer in Sweden is a short season, golden with sunlight and filled with flowers. To keep the memory of its sunlit days alive Swedish…