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Discover fashionable ways to wear a scarf dress and elevate your style for any occasion. From casual outings to special events, find inspiration to create stunning looks with a scarf dress.
sewing to distraction: Clearly, the madness has set in...

I'm attempting to draft a scarf dress for myself. I saw dresses like this one on a hot summer's day and, man, did it ever look like good idea! Also, G Street is having it's super summer sale with additional 25% off one item coupon, which lead me to buy 3 yards of this amazing silk charmeuse. (With discounts, now only $20/yard. A steal, right? Right?) This is a work in progress, but I do think it should go together quickly. First I draped with out cutting. I needed to make sure this was not a…

Debbie Dickerson

Exclusive Slow Fashion Luxury Brand offering Sophisticated, Signature, Statement Styles.

Yuval Hazut
Brini Maxwell: Fashion A La Mode - Modes Royale Patterns Dress Patterns, Ideas, Mode Wanita, La Mode, Model, Moda, Ilustrasi, Kleding

There's a lot of joy for me in the art and craft of sewing. I've been indulging in it quite a bit lately and have been buying not only vintage fabric, but vintage patterns as well. I've come across a brand that I hadn't heard of before, and it's become a mini-obsession. The brand is Modes Royale. What's so wonderful about these patterns is the attention to detail. The styles frequently features 3 or 4 dressmaker details on one dress alone. Flaps, bound buttonhole slots through which scarves…