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Hey everyone, it's FINALLY finished! I as much as I loved working on this one, I had to save and close the file at some point lol. I really loved the concept of having her relaxing in her own "place" inside their hideout. I always liked the idea of Booty bay and eventually they did that on Freehold as well, which is a similar concept to Pirates of the Caribean to have those makeshift structures with rests of boats and all sorts of things just piled together. Like they got a fancy chair…

Rocky Roche
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Several of The Major's costume articles were a collaborative effort between the Weta Design Studio, costume designers Kurt and Bart and concept designer, Maciej Kuciara. Knowing that the thermoptic suit was going to be a complex combination of practical and VFX elements, the Costume designers elected to work closely with Weta Artist Rebekah Tisch and Weta specialty costumer, Flo Foxworthy.

Carlos Roman
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Large solar power stations for the future of human electricity needs,The stations could contain various biomes or be like a futuristic version of the city from Bioshock, the connecting spines could have various industrial elements such as Power systems, trnasportation tubes, cargo Trains, and factories

Zach Strong
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Deep in the heart of the African jungle, amidst towering trees and vibrant foliage, Jane Porter and Tarzan, the lord of the jungle, lived their extraordinary lives. It was a world untouched by modern civilization, where nature reigned supreme, and every day was an adventure. Jane, an Englishwoman who had been marooned in the jungle, had learned to adapt to this wild and untamed environment. She wore clothes made from the leaves and vines of the jungle, and her days were filled with…

Zdenek1 Cim