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Only do what your heart tells you. Overprint poster design - interesting discussion about when and why you would want to choose Overprint over a Multiply layer Cv Inspiration, Graphic Design Inspiration, Motivation Inspiration, Graphisches Design, Logo Design, Design Ideas, Vector Design, Cmyk Design, Quote Design

Earlier this year I posted a showcase of inspiring art & designs that made use of cool overprint effects, so today I thought I’d talk a little about the process of using overprint in creative ways in your own print design projects. Read on to find out what overprint is and how you can use […]

Sharptooth Snail
ALL Caps by Ryan Frease  I like the overlapping images. Could be good with an outline of a person sitting, or something that reads as stillness. Typography Poster, Graphic Design Typography, Graphic Design Posters, Graphic Design Inspiration, Japanese Typography, Graphic Designers, Logo Graphic, Layout Design, Graphisches Design

Overprint is a printing technique where two or more inks are placed over the same area, which allows the ink colours to mix and create an additional hue. Creative artwork can be produced by overprinting a second image over an existing print using a different colour. Wherever the inks overlap, a third colour is produced […]

Amira Anne Glickman
Nice 2 color poster series. Graphisches Design, Visual Design, Book Design, Stamp Design, Design Graphique, Art Graphique, Graphic Design Posters, Graphic Design Inspiration, Screen Printing Graphic Design

I am absolutely loving Dan Judge’s Red Curtain Music Series posters — the illustrations, the colors, the typography, and the aged vintage look — sheer graphic design awesomeness. Each poster in the series is a two color screenprint, printed in...

Vicki Broome