Sculpting with concrete

Explore the art of sculpting with concrete and bring your creative visions to life. Discover techniques, tips, and inspiration to create unique concrete sculptures that will leave a lasting impression.
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Other questions I received this week concerned the sculpting medium we use for our projects. There are many on the market. We use Abracadabra Sculpt. It is a two part epoxy putty (much the same consistency as plasticene I used as a kid). It is mixed in equal quantities and then sculpted. Once it cures it is rock hard and durable! The sculpt is sold in kits in various sizes from two pounds to a hundred pounds (two five gallon buckets). The more…

Denise Hatcher
Concrete Garden Fish From Plastic Water Bottles : 4 Steps (with Pictures) - Instructables Diy, Ideas, Yard Art, Concrete Diy Projects, Diy Concrete Planters, Concrete Diy Garden, Concrete Diy, Cement Diy, Concrete Crafts

Concrete Garden Fish From Plastic Water Bottles: I've been wanting a school of ceramic or concrete fish to display in my garden for a couple of years now. Only problem is those fish can run $30 - $40 each, plus shipping. At that price I could afford one fish. So I got creative. I read Mad Prop…

Cheryl Klos