Second Baby

Get ready for the arrival of your second baby with these essential tips and advice. From creating a sibling bond to managing your time, discover how to make the transition smooth and joyful for your growing family.
Having a second baby - To the mama reading this whose heart is currently twisted about soon going from parenting one kid to two, it really is true that you’ll never have to split your love between your babies and... Parents, Ideas, Lincoln, Second Baby Announcements, Second Baby, Mommy Life, Baby Quotes, Motherhood, Parenting

A few months ago my two year old daughter and I were driving home from dinner with friends, and as we pulled onto our street a lump formed in my throat and big tears began to stream down my face; I realized that tonight was our last night ever just the two of us to do

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Or at least I sure had! There is NO WAY to truly be prepared for baby number one... so I think we can be forgiven for just bumbling through life and hoping for the best. But baby number two is sort of "been there, done that", (thank goodness) right from your second labor being less terrifying than your first (and hopefully easier too!), to the new mom life in general being less hard all around.

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I remember coming home with my second child – my only daughter – and I looked at my son and my new baby and wondered what in the world did I get myself into. Having our first child went well, but going from 1 to 2 kids felt like a whole new ball game with … How to Go from 1 to 2 Kids Without Going Crazy Read More »

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Thinking about having a second baby? Learn how you’ll parent differently. If you thought having your first baby was a whirlwind experience, then having your second is a whole different ball-game! Well, in my case, I had my second baby exactly one minute after my first! Yay for twins. So I had to sit down […]

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