Shock wave

Explore the science behind shock waves and how they can be used to improve performance. Learn how shock wave therapy is being used in various fields to accelerate healing and enhance physical abilities.
This schlieren image of a T-38C aircraft was captured using the patent-pending BOSCO technique and then processed with NASA-developed code to reveal shock wave structures. Researchers at Armstrong and NASA’s Ames Research Center at Moffett Field, California, have developed new schlieren techniques based on modern image processing methods. Ideas, Waves, Astronomy, Supersonic Aircraft, Aircraft Design, Shock Wave, Space And Astronomy, Fluid Dynamics, Nasa Missions

In the wake of recent success with air-to-air schlieren photography using the speckled desert floor as a background, researchers at NASA’s Armstrong Flight Research Center, Edwards, California, are now looking to the heavens for backgrounds upon which to capture images of supersonic shock waves using ground-based cameras. A bright light source and/or speckled background – such as the sun or moon – is necessary for visualizing aerodynamic flow phenomena generated by aircraft or other objects…

Nancy Smith