Shoulder tattoo words

Find inspiration for your shoulder tattoo with these meaningful word ideas. Express your thoughts and beliefs with a unique and personalized tattoo design on your shoulder.
Sahlt - Alycia Tyre Writing Upper Shoulder Tattoo | Steal Her Style Art Photography Women, Face Photography, Video Photography, Body Art Painting, Painting Videos, Art Videos, Upper Shoulder Tattoo, Pin Up, Flower Thigh Tattoos

Sahlt has a script tattoo along her right shoulder reading: “You’re beautiful, you’re more than worth it”. This tattoo and the one on her left shoulder match with her wrist tattoo “self-love” and they are a reminder to love herself first and choose to stay positive no matter what. you're more than beautiful, you're more than worth it_____? – @sahlt_ ? A post shared by KONSTANTIN NOSKOS (@konstantin_noskos) on more...

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