Small fountain ideas indoor

Transform your home into a tranquil oasis with these indoor small fountain ideas. Create a soothing atmosphere and bring nature indoors with these captivating fountain designs.
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Anna S Ottosson
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Table top handmake fountain weaving wall style from coconut shell and bamboo. Create and design from Thailand. Body of fountain make from coconut shell. Weaving wall make from bamboo. Small jars make from bamboo (water keep in). Finish by Unithane. Excellent work karantee. Over size: 27cm. Length 19cm. Width 35.50cm. High 900g. Weight Inset have 1mini pot(7.50cm) ,mini water pump(AC110-120V, AC220V-240V 50Hz 4W) US plug ________________________ - Fast delivery (Air shipping service) 2 to 4…

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Water has the most amazingly soothing quality in that it soothes you not only when you look at it but also when you hear the sound of water. It is no wonder that humans feel that elemental pull from water as it is the very fount of life and it is what sustain life on the planet. That is probably why the art of Feng Shui to make your home pretty and harmonious advises the use of water bodies within the home. But if you are going to place water fountains in your home based on the principles…

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