Small laundry area

Transform your small laundry area into a functional and stylish space with these smart ideas. Discover clever storage solutions and design tips to make the most of your compact laundry room.
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Having a separate laundry area is a luxury, but it also means that space can quickly become cluttered and dysfunctional since it’s easy to shut the doors on the mess. Thankfully, you can make a huge difference to a laundry room’s functionality by making a few select changes.Take this closet/laundry room makeover Charlee of Build and Create Home recently took on for a client.

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What comes to mind when we think of a washing room? Is that a washing machine? Do you need laundry detergent, fabric softeners, or perhaps a drying rack? If you like sitcoms, you may be thinking about Ross and Rachel in the Laundromat. Maybe even Kitty Foreman, after her shift at the hospital, doing the...