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Get ready to be mesmerized by the hottest soccer players in the game. Discover their incredible skills and jaw-dropping moves that will leave you wanting more.
Muscular football player showing off his amazong six pack and huge muscles while catches a football ball wearing tights and showing his muscular legs as well

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Jerred Clardy
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In light of the upcoming Euro 2008 Championships in which Italy's national soccer team is playing (and favored, at least by some, to win), I thought I'd introduce a lighter side of the sport for those of you who aren't so terribly interested in the yellow cards or offside calls. I'm calling it: Italy's hottest footballers. Just so you know, I'm admitting right up front that this is a biased list. Your choice for #1 Italian soccer hottie might not have made my list, but that's just it - it's…

Pierre Chene