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Transform your space with these creative sound wall ideas. Enhance your audio experience and create an immersive environment with the perfect sound wall design.
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A sound wall is just what it sounds like- a place on a wall where you can organize sounds-spellings that different letter combinations can make. It’s similar to a word wall, but better! Sound cards display phonics patterns that help students learn to read in an organized, or systemic, manner. For example, a student would need […]

Kara Elaine
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Hi friends! There has been a LOT of buzz about switching from word walls to sound walls this year. I am so happy to be hearing all of the buzz and seeing teachers diving into learning a "new" way of teaching reading. I say "new" because the research has been around for years!! Finally, the switch is happening. Let's talk about what a sound wall is and the benefits of a sound wall versus a word wall. Sound Wall vs. Word Wall To be 100% honest, I never had a word wall in my cl

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If you are a kindergarten or early elementary teacher and have been considering using a sound wall in your classroom but are not sure if it will work or how and where to set it up, this post will offer some helpful suggestions and options as well as some useful resources. What is a sound […]

Kayla Stafford
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I've been busy making the shift to the science of reading this summer, from prepping task cards with Elkonin boxes to adapting sight word resources to align with the heart words strategy. I knew there was one more resource I needed to prepare before the new school year started: a sound wall! The science of reading suggests that sound walls are more useful to students than word walls, as students reference the phonemes and corresponding graphemes. There are various sound walls out there, but…

Christy Reynolds Roberts