Spanish hot chocolate recipe

Indulge in the rich and creamy taste of authentic Spanish hot chocolate. Follow our easy recipe to make a velvety smooth chocolate drink that will satisfy your cravings. Try it now and treat yourself to a delightful beverage.
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Spanish hot chocolate - also called chocolate a la taza casero - is the perfect hot drink! Made from melted chocolate and milk and thickened with corn starch, this silky smooth hot chocolate is like drinking a delicious, melted chocolate bar. It's perfect to enjoy with freshly fried churros!

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The Spanish hot Chocolate, also known as Chocolate caliente in Spanish, is one of the most popular winter drinks not only in Southern Spain but all around the world. This Spanish Chocolate drink had its origins in the XVIIth century and it used to be consumed only by the Spanish Aristocracy. The idea of the Hot Chocolate actually came from the Mayan Empire, but the Spanish merchants modified the recipe giving it a unique and distinguished flavor.

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