Spanish notes

Enhance your Spanish learning experience with these creative note-taking techniques. Discover effective strategies to improve your understanding and retention of Spanish concepts.
Basic Spanish Verbs - Great for assessing students at the beginning of level 2. Basic Spanish Verbs, Spanish Help, Spanish Notes, Studie Hacks, Spanish Words For Beginners, Basic Spanish, Learn To Speak Spanish, Homeschool Spanish, Spanish Basics

My son is learning Spanish and received this list of verbs from his teacher. I reformatted it so that it would all fit on one page and we're putting it up on the fridge so we can study it every day. I doubt he'll be able to roll his R's or pronounce the words correctly for quite a while, but at least he'll be able to memorize them and try, right? I apologize to all fluent Spanish speakers who may hear him butcher the language while he learns. :)

fanny quirino