Spartan armor

Gear up for your next adventure with the best Spartan armor. Find top-rated options that provide excellent protection and enhance your performance on the battlefield. Get ready to conquer any challenge with confidence.
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Ancient Greek Warrior - Spartan Hoplite His armors is not very practical and accurate tho. It just my design choice for a more fantasy looks :D Spartan Hoplite Game Ready model are available for purchase now on my Artstation store!

Carl Powell
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"This is my shield. I bear it before me into battle, but it is not mine alone. It protects my brother on my left. It protects my city. I will never let my brother step out of its shadow nor my city out of its shelter. I will die with me shield before me, facing the enemy." I stood amongst Leonidas's 300 at Thermopylae staring down the Armies of Persia. As we stood shoulder to shoulder shields up and spears at the ready, I felt that we could beat them and that I would do everything in my…

Hunter Wright