Star wars droids concept art

Explore the fascinating world of Star Wars droids through stunning concept art. Get a glimpse into the creative process behind these iconic characters and be inspired to create your own droid masterpiece.
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Concept sketches for the droid that accompanies the Star Wars Bounty Hunter. The droid was to look as if he was manufactured by the same company who do the Imperial Probe Droids, but a friendlier version. And he needed to be about the same size as an astromech droid. The rules were scratch build a Star Wars Speeder Bike with a Bounty Hunter Rider. A friend of mine built the final model from my designs and another painted the model. The competition was the Archive-X Speeder Bike Challenge…

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The Fantastic Four are back! Really excited to see them join the MCU, I wonder who they'll cast...either way, so stoked! Here's a little edit of my pick for Mr Fantastic. (John Krasinski from 13 hours) Enjoy! Make sure to check out my other social media pages too! Patreon: Mizurii Youtube: Mizuri Twitter: MizuriAU Facebook: MizuriAU Instagram: MizuriAU