Steak and frites paris

Indulge in the authentic flavors of steak and frites in Paris. Discover the best restaurants and hidden gems for a mouthwatering culinary experience. Plan your Parisian food adventure today!
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Le Relais de Venise's Secret Sauce

Little did we know that when we dined at the corner restaurant near our hotel in Paris that we were eating at a place where for years there’s been a fight over the secret sauce that’s served with their steaks. Maybe it’s a French thing. For some background, my husband and I were […]

Chris Baccus
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steak au poivre + simple truffle frites — italian enough

Inspired by the iconic steak frites at Bar Severo in Paris, this at-home version gets pretty damn close: tender filet mignon is crusted in coarse peppercorns and seared hard in a cast iron pan, then smothered in a cognac-peppercorn cream sauce and served aside a pile of crispy homemade truffle fries