Stepping stone pathway

Enhance the charm of your garden with a beautiful stepping stone pathway. Explore creative ideas to create a picturesque walkway that adds character to your outdoor space.
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We’ve all walked on a badly built stepping stone path. The first couple of stones rock or wobble a bit, and then suddenly you take a step and WHAM you’ve hit the lever arm perfectly, and the stepping stone flies up and you take a tumble. Or maybe the stones are an awkward size, or […]

Andrea Clarke
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Easy Stepping Stones - No More Mud Trails: Easy Stepping StonesSo the problem we have is that there are several choke points in our lawn, where both humans and pets always walk, and in those locations, bare spots in the lawn tend to develop and leave mud, especially in the spring. Locations …

Samantha Mock
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Concrete stepping stones and or garden steps are an ideal solution for creating pathways through your garden and unpaved areas. Available in a variety of popular colors, styles, and sizes. RCPs has the stepping stones for your next project.

Laura Cota
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An easy and affordable walkway alternative Install Your Stepping Stones like a Gasper Professional 1. Layout out your stepping stones on lawn 2. Cut around each stone with a flat-edged shovel to remove sod and soil to the depth of the stepping stone plus 1" 3. Fill hole with 1" of stone screenings and tamp

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