Stretch bracelets diy

Discover how to make beautiful stretch bracelets with this easy DIY guide. Make your own unique accessories and express your personal style with these fun and customizable projects.
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Today I’m going to be talking about that special knot we use to tie a stretch bracelet. Every time I make a stretch bracelet, I always get comments like, “I can’t see the knot” or “I can’t see what you’re doing” so in todays’ tutorial, I’m going to be tying that knot on a giant scale so that you can see exactly what I’m up to.

Marilyn Dawa-Loos
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Are you into making elastic bead jewelry? Are your hands constantly itching for new crafting ideas? Discover a new world of DIY goodness with elastic cords, beads, and the right methods for creating stretch bracelets.

Denise Krenzel