Stretch bracelets ideas

Discover the latest trends in stretch bracelets and find inspiration for creating your own unique and fashionable bracelet stack. Upgrade your accessory game with these stunning stretch bracelet ideas.
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DIY Stretch Bracelets

Learn how to make stretch cord bracelets with this tutorial giving six handy tips such as what cord to use, how to knot your cord, and helpful tools to use.

Sandy Shivers
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Learn How to Tie a Secure Stretch Bracelet Knot that Won't Come Undone

Beginner's jewellery making project - string a Kashmiri bead bracelet on Stretch Magic beading elastic and learn how to tie a secure knot.

Delma Carrillo
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How To Make Stretch Bracelets (That Won't Break)

How to make stretch bracelets that won't break. Step by step instructions for making stretchy bracelets for kids. Tips and tricks from

Rhiannon Lewis
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How to measure your wrist to find your perfect bracelet size

Do you like the idea of the new bracelets, but are worried you’ll order one and it won’t fit? No more worries! Here’s how to measure your wrist to get the exact size you need... Measure your wrist: Take a flexible measuring tape, strip of paper, or piece of string, and wrap it around your wrist below the wrist bone

Emily Simon
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The ULTIMATE Stretch Bracelet knot + 6 Bonus Tips to make it even BETTER! - Living a Real Life

Today I’m going to be talking about that special knot we use to tie a stretch bracelet. Every time I make a stretch bracelet, I always get comments like, “I can’t see the knot” or “I can’t see what you’re doing” so in todays’ tutorial, I’m going to be tying that knot on a giant scale so that you can see exactly what I’m up to.

Mary Virginia