Sunday school object lessons

Make learning fun with these interactive and hands-on Sunday school object lessons. Inspire and engage children with creative activities that teach important biblical lessons.
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Object lessons are fun and quick ways to engage with the timeless truths of Scripture. These Bible object lessons for kids are quick and entertaining (and sometimes delicious) ways to teach a Biblical principle and make it stick. What is a Bible Object Lesson? An object lesson is a teaching method that uses a physical… Read More »Bible Object Lessons for Kids

Brandy Green
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This week has been freezing cold where we live . . . literally! Windchill temperatures have dropped down to double digits (below zero), and it has been snowing . . . and snowing . . . and snowing. …

Gwen Miller
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Object lessons are awesome! I'm a HUUGGGEE fan of them. They provide an opportunity to incorporate something fun during storytelling, ensuring that everyone (even the boys!!) remains engaged. And let's be real, there's a slightly selfish aspect to it as well... After successfully pulling off an object lesson, you can't…

Susan Brown
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This character building object lesson about forgiveness takes a fun science experience and relates it to the risks of choosing not to forgive. This is one more activity in my character building series. Object lessons helps connect a hands-on and visual experience with the heart. A picture like the one presented today is more likely...Read More

Katelyn Rains