Syrup sponge

Indulge in the delectable taste of syrup sponge with these mouthwatering recipes. Discover how to make this classic dessert and satisfy your sweet tooth today.
Nigella's Speedy Steamed Syrup Sponge Recipe | Recipes from Ocado Nigella Lawson, Pudding, Desserts, Tea, Foods, Recipes, Pie, Cake, Vintage Recipes

While I have nothing against stodge, what strikes me whenever I eat this, is how ridiculously light the sponge is. All too often this kind of pud is disparaged these days as dense, when this is far from the case. Freshly steamed, the sponge has a feathery and open texture; it’s only on keeping that it becomes indigestibly heavy. In other words, you have to make the supreme sacrifice and eat it all up at once. This version differs from the traditional model in one way only; it’s cooked in a…