Achieve your fitness goals with T25, a high-intensity workout program designed to transform your body in just 25 minutes a day. Discover the best T25 exercises, tips, and motivation to help you get in shape and stay motivated.
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Shaun T and Autumn Calabrese both create amazing at home workouts . We'll compare T25 vs 80 Day Obsession in this post - looking at the workouts, meal plan, and results. The programs both produce amazing results, but they also vary in length, nutrition and level of fitness. Find out which is best for you and your goals!

Shimona Eason
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Yes, it's true! I'm taking on another ridiculous exercise program. With my wedding and summer vacation in South Africa coming up soon, it was time for my jelly belly and me to jump on the fitness wagon again. (My performance in the gym has been less than stellar lately...) I was actually toying with the crazy idea of doing the INSANITY program again, but then I found this 25-minute-5-days-a-week wonder of a workout called Focus T25. Focus T25 is the latest high-intensity fitness program…

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