Enhance your dining table with stylish tableware that adds elegance and charm to your meals. Discover top ideas to create a beautiful and inviting table setting for any occasion.

Contemporary ceramic dinnerware set is made by a unique technology that allows to cover the flat bottom by glaze, absence of a heavy rim makes the tableware extremely light, which is comfortable to use every day. Modesty and aesthetic simplicity in the design of Scandinavian dinnerware are successfully combined with versatility and functionality. Neutral colors and straight lines effectively fit into the interior and elegantly decorate the meal. This design of ware embodies pragmatism…

Jessica Banks
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- ONA - Een bord met een hoek aan. Deze aparte, grafisch geïnspireerde borden toveren elke tafel om tot een stijlvol, geometrisch tafereel. De verschillende borden kunnen prachtig gecombineerd worden. Voor aperitiefhapjes, delicieuze gerechten,...een feest op tafel. OnA was het logisch vervolg op mijn eerdere ontwerp kOmmA, beide geïnspireerd door typografie en architectuur. De 'krul' van de kOmmA werd uitgerekt tot het een hoek werd. Toevallig bleek deze vorm ook de letter A van het…

Наталия Федорова
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Meet the new hybrid trend which is taking hold in 2022. Mid-Japandi takes the best of both worlds, including the graphical style and vibrate shades of mid century modern, marrying it with the minimal and paired down tenets of Japandi. Not only does this interior design style deliver an aura of peace in a practical manner, it is easy to achieve! Discover new ways to approach the holiday spirit, deck the halls in Eastern elements, garnish your tableware in inky blues or keep to classic infused…

Studio Leve

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