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Enhance the performance of your AK with top tactical accessories and upgrades. Explore the best options to optimize your AK for tactical applications.
ArtStation - AK-105 "CROOK", Ivan Kupriy Firearms, Armed Forces, Ak 105, Tactical, Tactical Gear, Crooked, Art Design, Artwork

Hello everyone, it's finally done! Thanks to this work, I acquired many new useful skills in modeling and texturing. And although it's not perfect everywhere, I really like it. Many thanks to everyone who helped me along the way and special thanks to Dmytro Mykhailyk https://www.artstation.com/erny3ddd - he always creates useful videos, as well as interesting and fun streams (no blurbs allowed here). Also, many thanks to the Armed Forces of Ukraine, because without them, we would not be able…

ArtStation - AK-47 "Ghoul", Dima Suvorov Game Assets, Ak 74, Ak47, Fantasy Weapons, Ghoul, Armory, 3d Model, Fantasy, Watch The Originals

AK-47 "Ghoul" - is a is a game ready weapon 3D model for an FPS project. Textures. Three 4K UV sets (Texel Dencity = 90) . Triscount: Gun: 70 704 tris Mag: 7 100 tris Bullet: 620 tris LODs. A set of 4 LODs is attached to the model. If you want, the model can be found here: Artstation: https://www.artstation.com/marketplace/p/1V1aw/ak-47-ghoul Hands (The original hands were slightly modified by me for the project): https://hatchery1.gumroad.com/l/ZBQoL Watches (The original watches were…

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