Teaching upper and lower case letters

Discover proven techniques to help children learn and master upper and lowercase letters. Create a solid foundation for literacy skills using engaging activities and resources.
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Well, we have a question of the week my friends! "What should I teach first, uppercase or lowercase letters?" When I receive an email about a topic more than 5 times (well, 6 times - so hardly 'more than 5' - but I am adding a dramatic flare) it warrants a blog post. So today

Leslie Singleton
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18 pages. This packet includes both upper and lowercase letter tiles in 4 different sizes. From one set on a page to 8 sets. Print, laminate and trim to use in centers and for games. This FREEBIE is part of my large, Alphabet Activities packet on TpT. Click on the link to pop on ov...

Angie Roades
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Readability: Uppercase and lowercase letters have distinct shapes that aid in reading and comprehension. The combination of both uppercase and lowercase letters helps break up the text visually, making it easier to distinguish individual words and letters.

Pam Hausfather