Teapot centerpiece

Add a touch of charm to your table with these creative teapot centerpiece ideas. Discover unique ways to showcase your teapot and create a beautiful focal point for your dining space.
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Today’s vintage weddings are not at all costly with some creative DIY ideas. By adding vintage pieces that you or your friends and family already own, such as the old birdcages, lanterns, old books, pots and tins, you can easily add a vintage touch to your wedding. Here are creative vintage wedding ideas to help you make[...] READ ARTICLE

Taffy Davidson
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I wanted to share an easy tutorial about flower arranging today. The arrangement was for tea time. I remember I had the perfect vessel since I was setting up to serve tea at church, and my friend's grandson decided to help with the teapot and broke the lid. My friend wanted to discard the teapot

Roena Seibel
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