Tempura sushi

Explore a variety of mouthwatering tempura sushi recipes that will delight your taste buds. From classic favorites to unique combinations, discover the perfect tempura sushi for your next meal.
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Crunchy Roll Sushi is a delicious variation of the popular California Roll. This crunchy roll features shrimp tempura filling and a crispy topping of toasted panko breadcrumbs. The flavor and texture are out of this world! This recipe is easy to make at home, rivaling the one from your favorite Japanese restaurant.

Avy Cortez
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When preparing sushi or, really any dish in general, it is good to keep in mind the concept of umami, a Japanese word meaning u0022essence of deliciousnessu0022. Though the word is Japanese, the meaning behind it is universal.It is the savory flavor of meat, vegetables, fish, aged cheese, mushrooms and many other foods. Learn how to best combine these foods for a dish that accomplishes umami, making the diner desire more.The first sushi bar in the United States opened in Los Angeles in 1966…

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