Textile art techniques

Explore a variety of textile art techniques and discover new ways to express your creativity. From embroidery to felting, unleash your inner artist and bring your textile creations to life.
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In your journey to becoming a textile artist, the most important thing you can learn is to trust your artistic instinct. Have belief in the inherent quality of your work, and celebrate where you are now. Recognising where you fit in the Four Stages of Textile Art Mastery can help you on your way. When

Peg Sperlin
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This was a weekend of quiet, undirected composition experimenting – in the simple camaraderie of fellow artmakers. (aka art buddies.) I am still in the beginning stage of thinking through some new elements and a slightly new course for work in 2023. This weekend I assembled some physical objects I

Anne Newman
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the tutorial materials - click here for the materials list introduction - in the last post I listed the basics that you will need to have a go at my little fabric collage project - please know that you don't need all of the fabrics. For example, some of the things I listed were prompts/ideas for using up old pieces of work ... it's exciting to use up old projects and clear the decks a bit ..... so here we go! inspiration - you may have given some thought to your theme or colour scheme ... if…


by Heidi Emmett Some days I need to re-pin my musings that I have found on Pinterest. SOME DAYS!? I do it everyday, ha, ha. But, as I have said in the past, 1/2 hour is my limit. Enjoy some of my &…

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