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Discover the thrilling world of the new Batman and immerse yourself in the epic adventures of this iconic superhero. Get ready for action-packed stories and uncover the secrets behind the mask.
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In the United States there are more cell phones in use than there are people. CELL PHONE USAGE IN AMERICA IS CURRENTLY AT 103%. Basically this means that virtually every person in the United States has one or more cell phones currently activated and in use. Cell phones seem like an innocuous way to keep in touch with the kids, to access the internet from any location, and a way to call for help if your car breaks down. In reality, though, the phone attached to your hip is not so innocuous…

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Had a play around with the portrait I did of Robert Pattinson's Batman! Here is a little poster I put together after seeing that mindblowing teaser trailer. Still can't stop watching it over and over XD Enjoy! Make sure to check out my other social media pages too! Patreon: Mizurii Youtube: Mizuri Twitter: MizuriAU Facebook: MizuriAU Instagram: MizuriAU

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