The temple of heaven

Discover the rich history and stunning architecture of the Temple of Heaven. Plan your visit to this iconic landmark and experience the spiritual beauty it offers.

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Located in the south-east part of Beijing, The Temple of Heaven is a site of spiritual significance. Built in 1420, during the reign of Ming Emperor Yongle, this religious construction exemplifies sublime piece of architectural art. Temple of Heaven Entrance Structure and Design Encompassing an area of 2.73 sq km, the complex comprises 3 constitutional […]

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The Temple of Heaven, literally the Altar of Heaven (天壇; 天坛) is a complex of Taoist buildings situated in southeastern urban Beijing. Showing here is the Imperial Vault of Heaven (皇穹宇), a single-gabled circular building built on a single level of marble stone base. It is located south of the Hall of Prayer for Good Harvests and resembles it, but is smaller. It is surrounded by a smooth circular wall, the Echo Wall, that can transmit sounds over large distances. Twice a year the Emperor and…

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