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Second Half of Six Paintings, 12 Months – March 2023 - The Vivienne Files Wardrobe Challenge, Project 333, The Vivienne Files, Vivienne Files, Fall Capsule, Minimalist Capsule Wardrobe, The Vivienne, Spring Capsule Wardrobe, Fall Capsule Wardrobe

March 3, 2023 Let’s check on our other 3 heroines! Boy do I love these colors… This heroine felt like she was in a pretty good spot for pants – she’s got black jeans, and another pair of black pants; those of us who wear black could go for weeks with just these 2! AND… […]

Sharrie Nelson
33 Piece Wardrobe Project 333, 333 Packing Method, 333 Method Wardrobe, Project 333 Summer, Project 333 Spring, 333 Wardrobe, Courtney Carver, Domestic Science, French Minimalist Wardrobe

June 22, 2022 By this time of year, most of us should be easily able to whittle down our warm-weather wardrobe to a tidy 33 pieces. While this is NOT what Courtney Carver suggests for her Project 333, I’m pretty confident that she wouldn’t be too upset with us starting at this point. So long […]

Abigail Doyle
Four Neutrals x Three Accent Colors - Which Ones "Work"? - The Vivienne Files Stone Chinos, Neutral Clothes, Wardrobe Challenge, Packing Wardrobe, Capsule Wardrobe Minimalist, Minimalist Closet, The Vivienne Files, Vivienne Files, Core Wardrobe

April 15, 2024 So once you’ve studied the Pantone Colors from London Fashion Week, (found here and here), you have to decide if you like the colors, if you would be flattered by wearing any of them, and how they might look with the neutral clothes you normally wear. I can’t answer the first two […]

Stacey Limberopoulos
Nature, Temporary Wardrobe, French Minimalist Wardrobe, Capsule Wardrobe Casual, Oversized Linen Shirt, The Vivienne Files, Vivienne Files, Points Of View, Capsule Wardrobe Essentials

March 23, 2022 Two emails, asking the same question from 2 opposite points of view: “I’m going to have chemotherapy, and I’m going to probably lose enough weight to be 2 sizes smaller than normal. I expect to gain all of the weight back… What to wear?” “I’m starting a new medicine that I will […]

Sabra Ehrhart
Chic Sightings: Modest Dresses and Nude Accessories Arm Brace, Packing Wardrobe, The Vivienne Files, Vivienne Files, Travel Capsule Wardrobe, Walking Out, The Vivienne, Spring Capsule Wardrobe, Nude Shoes

May 29, 2924 Last week I went for another cortisone shot in my wrist, as well as the ten millionth re-fit of my arm brace – heavy lifting is catching up with my wee bird-like wrists! But the thing I remember most from the entire adventure is a group of people I saw walking OUT […]

Heidi Caruso
Start with Art: Locus 87 by Susan Osgood - The Vivienne Files Business Capsule Wardrobe, Blue Wardrobe, Neutral Blouses, Grey Wardrobe, Casual Friday Outfit, The Vivienne Files, Vivienne Files, Friday Outfit, Working At Home

July 7, 2021 The Call Came… and she’s expected to be in the office 2 or 3 days a week, starting in September… She can’t wear her old work clothes – her size has changed in the last while, working at home! And she’s overall not thrilled about the whole “back in the veal feeder […]

Margaret Prince