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Discover the power of therapy humor in boosting your mental well-being. Explore funny and relatable jokes that will make your therapy journey a little lighter and brighter.
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It was never a secret that life is not easy; however, the extent of it definitely wasn’t disclosed upon entry. From learning to walk without falling, chewing without breaking off teeth, and making a phone call without crying, to fighting off negative thoughts about our meager existence and the ridiculousness of a 9-5 work life, life is one heck of a journey.

Anna Holt
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18 Relatable Posts for People in Therapy

We at Sweatpants & Coffee are huge fans of therapy. Love it. Couldn't live without it, quite literally in some cases, which is why we found these posts both hilarious and relatable. Because humor can be as important a coping mechanism as therapy is. Enjoy!