Tigers eye gemstone

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Stone: Tumbled Red Tiger's Eye Other Names: Tiger eye, tigerseye, tigers eye Colors: Red, Black, Gold (Not every stone will not have every color) *** Size: Small, approximately 1/2" to 3/4" (Some stones may be slightly larger or smaller (See quarter & ruler pictures)).*** Country of Origin: South Africa Shape: Undrilled tumbled freeform Stone Count: Will vary slightly due to variations in size (See individual weights for approximate stone count). Selection Process: Random blind scoop…

Evânia Lemos
Mind Body Spirit Odyssey: Healing With Gemstones - Getting to Know Tigers Eye

Welcome to this month’s installment of Healing with Gemstones. This month, we will take a look at one my favorite stones, Tigers Eye. Tigers Eye is an alternate birthstone for June, and is a zodiac star sign for Gemini. Tigers Eye Origin Tigers Eye is from the quartz family of chalcedonies. However, unlike other quartz, this is a banded and layered stone. In the brown and red stones, the layers are asbestos fibers that form the matrix you see in Tigers Eye. During volcanic events, the…

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