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Forget about choosing a career path, getting married, buying a home, having children or deciding which city to settle down in. The most important decision you’ll ever make is whether or not to get that terrible tattoo you thought of in a drunken stupor. And if you haven’t yet gone through with it, allow this article to be a warning sign…

TJ Oldfield
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All of the classic cartoon characters from Looney Tunes and the like deserve an upgrade, don’t you think? Like, a real, full-blown 3D movie or something like that. (Talking of which, you should check out the new trailer of the upcoming 3D Tom & Jerry movie.) And to make it even "more" real than just 3D, it would be nice to add a few wrinkles in there, too. You know, some true-to-life elements, like Winnie the Pooh being a savvy businessman or Tom & Jerry becoming smokers.