Tiny house with loft

Explore innovative tiny house designs with lofts to maximize space and create a cozy living environment. Discover top ideas for your own tiny house with a loft today.
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Loft design is one of the best space-saving solutions for tiny homes. It makes amazing sleeping areas, closets, and working spaces turning your room into a multipurpose, compact place. Lofted bedrooms offer both stylish and functional solutions for the flats where every square foot counts. Their special charm is enough to change the mood of

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Name: John and Fin Kernohan and some cats, dogs, and a pet chickenLocation: GeorgiaSize: 304 square feet inside space. Years lived in: 10 years, owned My boyfriend and I, like many others this year, used some of our quarantine time to work on our outdoor spaces, particularly our backyard and deck. We added way too many more plants to our deck, purchased a hammock for relaxing, and planted veggies from seed.

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