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Explore a wide range of adorable toddler dolls that will provide endless hours of imaginative play for your little one. Find the perfect doll to be their new best friend and companion.
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Irresistables stocks Reborn Doll Kits, Doll Dreams Kits, LDC Kits, Art & Reborn Supplies, Wholesale and Clearance Kits! We have reborn doll kits from hundreds of artists like Ping Lau, Bonnie Brown, Natali Blick, Reva Schick, Sheila Michael and many more. All of our reborn doll kits are brand new and made in high quality vinyl some with a silicone feel. You can search for your favorite doll kit by looking in one of the many categories we have created or typing in the search bar after…

Doug Tuttle
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Lifelike Doll Size: the baby doll is 26inch, 66cm and its net weight is around 1.8kg, 4.0lbs. The doll is handmade that there will be some difference in size and weight. The Reborn Doll can fit into 6-9 months baby clothes, you may change clothes for the doll yourself. Silicone Baby Structure: the baby doll is with soft silicone vinyl head and silicone vinyl limbs. It is cloth body stuffed with PP cotton, very soft touch. The baby doll limbs could be moved freely and it is totally poseable…

Renee Hansen
Gaby loves to dance a smile she can drink milk and more!❤️ Face

Gaby loves to dance a smile she can drink milk and more!❤️

Baby dolls
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Remember the nature and the fields, and the soothing dance of wild grasses through the crisp September air as you look into the eyes of our sweetest wildflower Maggi, the latest addition to our 17-inch dolls collection. Her beauty is truly captivating from her beaming baby face radiating life, her delectable little mouth down to her exquisitely detailed toes and nails capturing that of real babies! What’s even marvelous about our Maggi is her mystery eyes. As you take home this toddler…