Toilet paper roll art

Explore creative and unique ways to turn empty toilet paper rolls into stunning works of art. Get inspired with top ideas for your next DIY project.
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Toilet paper rolls are maybe my favorite go-to craft material. The creative possibilities are endless. So if you’re ready to create something awesome, don’t throw away those paper rolls too fast! I created a list of fun and unique toilet paper roll craft ideas. Perfect for a fun crafty afternoon that will keep you and

Marie-Josée Plante
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It's foxglove time of year again, and I love the way they self-seed and pop up randomly in the garden - in the weirdest places sometimes. They're biennials, so they don't flower their first year, but make up for it (with bells on!) the second year. Egg carton cones are perfect for the shape of the bell-like flowers - add some paint, a few green pipe cleaners and paper leaves, and you have foxgloves to enjoy all year round! You will need: 10 egg carton cones (2 x dozen cartons or 5 x…

Věra Šercová