Top round roast recipe

Explore mouth-watering top round roast recipes that will impress your family and friends. Discover the best techniques to cook a tender and flavorful top round roast for your next meal.
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This Top Round Roast Beef Recipe is so easy to throw together, and so juicy delicious. With only about 10 minutes hands on time it makes for an amazing meal that is fit for any holiday! We love serving this recipe alongside my Roasted Baby Potatoes and Roasted Honey Glazed Carrots.

Tiffany Kemp
Two photos of roast beef. One on platter with slices and one of slices with gravy and mashed potatoes ready to eat.

This recipe produces a tender bottom round roast with directions on making a simple pan gravy with the drippings for a beef and gravy dinner your family will love! Braising economical bottom round roast in a low oven produces a fork tender roast beef. Perfect for family dinners anytime. Directions given for oven, slow cooker, and pressure cooker (Instant pot) included

Kara Carey