Trail of tears

Explore the tragic history of the Trail of Tears and its impact on Native American communities. Learn about the struggles and resilience of these tribes as they were forcibly relocated, and discover how you can honor their legacy today.
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1. page: short text for reading and learning new words;2. page: small quiz to check if the students understood the text / also some interesting history facts.In 1830 the Indian Removal Act was signed. In that Act, all the vast Natives’ lands east of the Mississippi river were to be exchanged for land to the west, called the “Indian colonization zone” (present-day Oklahoma). So the US goverment forced all the tribes from those lands to move, they mostly went on foot and tens of thousands men…

Kris Harrell
Trail of Tears Verona, Trail Of Tears, The Trail, American Indians, American Spirit, American, Vr, Route, History Pics I reached this website through Google Scholar. This site includes the legal background, Choctaw voluntary removal, Seminole resistance, Chicasaw monetary removal, and Cherokee forced relocation. The site also provides information of references, documents, documentaries, and external links. It is the most helpful site I have found in explaining the Trail of Tears. There is a lot more information on this site than I have found on any other. Hope…

Donna Smith