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Discover a collection of unique and creative train illustration ideas that will inspire your next project. From vintage steam trains to modern locomotives, find the perfect inspiration for your artwork.
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As the world has become more and more flat, every corner of the earth has been discovered by adventurous people. Millions of pictures of landscape appear on our newsfeeds everyday that makes us feel our planet diminished. However, more than those images and more than conventional landmarks, the earth out there is still an endless source of inspiration through the eyes of artists.

Angad Singh
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Lisk Feng looks back on her work at the beginning of her career as being “colourful and cheerful”, but this year she feels she's begun to explore “the other side of my usual style”. This has seen Lisk experiment with colour palettes and develop more conceptual ideas for her editorial illustrations. The New York-based illustrator has also been working on other kinds of jobs alongside her editorial work, including the first of several upcoming children’s books due out next year, which has…

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