Tree deck

Transform your backyard into a serene outdoor retreat with these beautiful tree deck ideas. Explore unique designs that blend seamlessly with nature and create a peaceful oasis for relaxation and entertainment.
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My son wanted me to build a suspension bridge to our summer cottage. I liked the thought and decided first to build some platforms. Building a tree house is a topic with a lot of articles on the web. I’m trying to focus on a design that works in relatively medium sized trees and considers … Continue reading "Building a tree house with a focus on the well-being of the tree"

Mads Bysted
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Freestanding Round Deck From Recycled Lumber: We had a shady area in our back yard under a corkscrew willow that was just begging for a nice seating area around the tree trunk. My wife and I mocked up a square deck but didn’t like the look at all. So we opted for a round, freestanding design th…

Jenna Teague
Sometimes it's hard for me to remember what this place looked like when we purchased it three years ago    because so much has changed... Decks Around Trees Backyards, Deck Around Tree, Deck Around Trees, Deck Details, Tree Deck, Floating Deck, Deck Designs Backyard, Backyard Paradise, Polished Pebble

Sometimes it's hard for me to remember what this place looked like when we purchased it three years ago because so much has changed... but we wanted the house to remain a simple ranch house and not something contrived and silly; that is also the case with the landscaping The latest project involving the evolution of the landscape design is the addition of this really large deck which runs the entire length of the back of the house It gives us an additional 1800 square feet of outdoor living…