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This is a fetus at 24 weeks.  I am thoroughly amazed at the miracle of life, God really does knit us together in our mothers' wombs. The Human Body, 24 Weeks Pregnant, Cord Blood Banking, Human Rights Issues, Fetal Development, 20 Weeks, 6 Months, Choose Life, Midwifery

Originally Posted by bbkaren Mini-Triumph. It's not a parasite or a worm. It's not a blob. Court affirms law calling unborn 'living human beings' "

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Check Out These Hilariously Funny Ultrasound Pictures of Unborn Babies Funny Google Searches, Pregnancy Ultrasound, Ultrasound Pictures, Unborn, Expecting Mothers, Funny Babies, Toronto, Strange, Guess

In utero, unborn babies can do a variety of things before making their grand entrance into the world. For example, they are known for sucking their thumbs, smiling, hiccupping and even clapping in the womb, as recently reported by LifeNews. An amazing study published in Infant Behavior and Development revealed that babies could also learn […]

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Famous advertising slogans are inseparable from the products and services they sell. Or are they? Inspired by our recent post about social media icons in Edward Hopper paintings, ad agency media strategist Ritesh Gupta sent us an intriguing set of images—a series of famous ad taglines, each placed next to a line drawing of a human fetus. And far from being meaningless, many of the juxtapositions seem oddly perfect. "I began to juxtapose some of the world's most memorable advertising slogans…