Undertale gaster

Unravel the enigmatic world of Undertale Gaster and discover the hidden lore behind this intriguing character. Dive into the depths of the game and uncover the secrets that will leave you mesmerized.
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Gaster's Alphabet by Lea-Lu on DeviantArt

Description BUT Seriously- I want to know what he says!!! I'm interested and... I didn't say that to anyone just like that! That's why I did this little thing here! *sigh*... I hope you like it.......... somehow... o-o (c) Artwork~ Lea-Lu (c) Undertale - Frisk / Goner Kid(?) / W.D. Gaster~ Toby Fox (c) Used~ Paint Tool Sai & PhotoScape

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Gaster by TesEtch on DeviantArt

Description I did a poll on Tumblr asking what fanart should I do and Undertale was the winner. I decided to do a character that I have not really drawn before... and that would be Dr. W.D Gaster <3 ________________________________________________________________ Want to commission me? Email emberw1tch4@gmail.com to ask any questions or make any inquiries. Or if you just want to help me out, buy me a coffee: ko-fi.com/A27111B4 I am on tumblr too, I post more often there…

For Science (Gaster X Reader) Gaster Followers, Gaster Fanart, Wd Gaster, Camping Trip With Friends, Gaster Undertale, W.d Gaster, Lex Luther, Undertale Gaster, Trip With Friends

For Science (Gaster X Reader)

Nothing was going right. The colleges you applied to didn't want anything to do with you, your parents were dissapointed with your life choices, and you were an arachnaphobe stuck rooming with a bug maniac. Thankfully a much needed break shows up in the form of a camping trip with friends. On Mt. Eb...

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Grounded by BanalRas on DeviantArt

Description "It's not how I educated you!" Dadster is disappointed, Sans, how could you? Gaster is always near by Frisk, but he can't help them at all. No one can see, hear or feel him, so he can only watch and give advices. For Gaster this is the first timeline with Frisk, but for Frisk it's already second run. ___ I don't know if it's better colored or uncolored... Oh, yes. Sorry for my bad English and shitty quality of art. _________ Undertale belongs to TobyFox

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