Vegetable prints

Add a touch of nature to your home decor with creative vegetable print ideas. Explore unique ways to incorporate vegetable prints into your living space and bring the beauty of the garden indoors.
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This project is a quick and easy way to get stuck into printing. It’s brilliant for children and just as good for grown-ups too! If you’re stuck in a rut with your printmaking, try this quick project to reignite your imagination and get those creative (vegetable) juices flowing. Raid the fridge for a selection of …

Georgia Peskett
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This week we've been eating okra almost daily. It is tasty cooked on its own or added to other dishes. A few of our favorite ways to prepare okra are: * Saute chopped okra in a little canola oil until tender and sprinkle it with sea salt and pepper. * Dip chopped okra in a beaten egg and then bread it in cornmeal. Lightly fry it in a little canola oil until browned and crisp on the outside. It will be tender inside. * Add okra to beans, rice, squash and tomatoes. * Add okra to gumbo. * And I…

Sandy Fincher
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Mealy apples, sprouted potatoes, and wilted celery, oh my! These may sound like candidates for the compost bin, but don’t toss them out just yet. Even if they aren’t fit for consumption, some fruits and veggies might be good for making prints. For younger children, this activity provides ample opportunity to practice color, fruit, and vegetable identification and hone their gross-motor skills. Older children may be interested to know that different foods come from different parts of the…

Jocelyn Letoile