Velvet worm

Discover the incredible world of velvet worms and learn about their unique characteristics and behavior. Explore top facts and find out why velvet worms are so fascinating.
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Velvet worms, the voracious snipers of the undergrowth

While we can try to convince you that these are not in fact plush toy centipedes, velvet worms certainly look like them. These small invertebrates are neither insects nor worms, and for a long time were considered the ‘missing link’ between them. Even with the knowledge that this is not the case, velvet worms are still remarkable creatures, and unusual in almost every way.

Nathan Eric Schwabenland
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VELVET WORMS (Onychophora)

Velvet Worms, which are the occupants of the phylum Onychophora, are one of my favorite animals. Why? Um, good question. I have to admit to having a very visceral aesthetic response to wildlife. Those things that would seem loathsome or disgusting to others, those things that remind one of prehistory and primordial Earth, they seem to grip my psyche. The Velvet Worms are found mostly in moist humid forest habitats in tropical, subtropical, and temperate regions...mostly in the Southern…

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