Victoria secret wings

Explore the most iconic Victoria's Secret wings that have graced the runway over the years. Discover the breathtaking beauty and artistry behind these iconic accessories.
Heidi Klum Heidi Klum is one of the most significant names in Victoria’s Secret Angel history, with 13 years under the brand! She’s since become quite the business woman we must say, but still rightfully garners all the attention of a class-A model. Victoria, Victoria's Secret Angels, Victoria's Secret Models, Haute Couture, Victoria's Secret, Fashion Models, Celebrities, Victoria Secret Angels, Victoria Secret Show

Of course you know the secret of success of Victoria 's Secret . THE MODELS!! That's right. They have extreme beautiful body that are the dream body for the women and ... for the man! They exercise a lot and eat healthy for maintain that gorgeous body, hair and skin. You can check this exercises on this Fashion Design Weeks article. These breath-taking angels are the power and the spotlight of the brand and the runways. The girls have the privilege to be the highest paid models in the world…