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Step back in time with our collection of vintage dresses from the 1960s. Embrace the iconic fashion of this era and add a touch of retro charm to your wardrobe. Explore our top picks and unleash your inner fashionista.
Green/pink/yellow floral print dress 1960's | Green wasn't worn much in the 50's, therefore, there was a bit of rebellion in wearing it. Couture, Vintage Fashion, Vintage, Haute Couture, Vintage Dresses, 1960s Dresses, Vintage Summer Outfits, 1960 Dress, 1960s Vintage

Breaking free from the tailored look on the 1950s, the youthquake driven dresses of the sixties loosed up the waistline, shorted the hemline and hit you smack in the face with bright Pop Art colors and Op Art (optical illusion) prints. 1960s dresses had multiple style variations off of one key shape- the shift dress.

Francie Shaffer
Vintage 1940s Dress Styles: Classic 40s Dresses Dress For Lunch, 40s Dresses, Tea Dresses, 1940s Fashion Dresses, 1940s Dress, Classic Hollywood Glamour, Dress Swing, Betty Dress, 40s Dress

My first love of all the vintage retro decades was with the 1940s. Perhaps because clothing was similar to that in the 1980s, the decade I grew up in, and I subconsciously wanted to relive those times? Hmm, maybe. The reason doesn't matter, but the love for 1940s clothing, especially 1940s dresses, does. You can

Yeimi Morales